The New Jerusalem

I saw the Holy City,
The New Jerusalem,
coming down out of heaven from God
made ready as a bride
adorned for her husband
picture of an eclipse

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My People are Destroyed for a lack of Knowledge" Hosea 4:6, What is this Knowledge?
Have the Jews-Israel-Zion been superseded or replaced by the Church
Doesn't Romans 11 say God has not now, nor ever will forsake the Jews?
Who is the Beast of Revelation?
Who is the AntiChrist?
What is the Unpardonable Sin?
What is the meaning of the Parable of the VineGrowers?
What about those FOREVER Promises to Israel?
Wasnt the sign of the Fig Tree Israel becoming a nation again in 1948?
Is Jesus physically coming back (2nd coming) any time soon? The Nay Sayers
Is Jesus physically coming back (2nd coming) any time soon? The Yea Sayers
What verses do the "Yea sayers" (the PreMills, the Dispensationalists, those into Chiliasm) use to support their case?
Did Jesus come back again, after his ascension in the Book of Acts?
Arent we in the end times now, and things on earth are prophesied to get worse and worse, until Jesus comes?
Shouldn't we be supporting Israel, i.e. doesn't God want the Jews living in Palestine today?
Is the New Testament or even Jesus Anti-Semitic?
Is the Mark of the Beast bar code, or an RFID chip?
When will the the Great Tribulation happen?
When will the Rapture happen?
Matthew 24 (the little Revelation) exposited verse by verse
Are there "Wars and rumors of wars" yet?
What are we to think of the hyper preterists who say there is no 2nd coming of Jesus?
What was the abomination of Desolation?
Has the battle of Armageddon already been fought, or is it in the future?
Who is Babylon the Great in the book of Rev?
Who is the woman riding the Beast, drunk with the blood of the saints, in the Book of Rev?
Is America in Bible Prophecy?
Arent the Jews rebuilding the Temple?
Can any Jew prove his ancestry all the way back to Abraham, i.e. claim to be a Jew by blood or his pedigree?
Can any Jew of today, claim to be a Jew by Faith? i.e. by what they believe? i.e. by a special covenant with Yahweh
Have the Jews Been Disinherited?
When is Daniel's Seventieth Week?
Important quotes from Josephus
When was the Book of Rev Written? Pre 70 AD or in the 90s
What do Billy Graham, Mel Gibson, Adolph Hitler, Martin Luther, Chess Champion Bobby Fischer, Theologian John Calvin, and Napoleon all have in common. Here are excerpts and quotes from them.
What should we think of CUFI (CHRISTIANS UNITED FOR ISRAEL), Jews for Jesus, etc.?
Do we have a controlled Media, and if so. who controls it?
Do we have a controlled economy, and if so, who controls it?
Is Hollywood controlled by any group and if so, who controls it?
Who controls our foreign policy, and why do we keep making hurtful decisions to the people of the USA?
Can we take each and every verse in the Bible Literally?
Was there a Jewish holocaust in 70 AD? Was there another one During World War 2?
What do modern day Jews think of Christians, per the Talmud, MISHNAH, Zohar?
Is there any validity to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
When was the New Testament written and who decided on Canon?
What are we to think of the Muslims?
What are we to think of the Roman Catholic Church?
What are we to think of the average Fundamentalist - Baptist Church?
What are we to think of the liberal main line churches?
What is wrong with our Federal (national) Government?
Should I fight to save America?
What does God think of the American Constitution?
Should this city, county, state secede from the Union?
What are the pre-requisites for a successful secession?
Should I join a militia
What does God think of the American Church in general?
Detrich Bonhoeffer Christian Idiot
After death do we sleep till the resurrection
What can I do NOW to improve things?
What is the enemy capable of?
For All You Putin fans out there (like me)
Religious Pluralism, Curse or Blessing?
Where do you get your news from?

The BEST place to be, come July

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Water Fuel Secrets - 1 hour Video plus large pdf by Aaron Murakomi

The Bourke Engine Ran With A 50:1 Air/Fuel Ratio And Produced More Horsepower & Torque Per Pound Than Any Other Engine In History. It Had Only 2 Moving Parts, The Oil Never Had To Be Changed, It Was Very Quiet, And It Ran Very Cool. At nearly 70% thermal efficiency, it's the most efficient gasoline engine ever made!

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Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity by Eric Dollard

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Lone Pine Writings-part 1 by Eric Dollard

Lone Pine Writings-part 2 by Eric Dollard

The Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity (Book) by Eric Dollard

The Cosmic Induction Generator (secure point to point faster-than-light communications) by John Polakowski

Eric Dollards Telluric (earth Quake Detection) Research

Versor Algebra by Eric Dollard

Versor Algebra Vol 2 by Eric Dollard

Crystal Radios (self powered radios) by Eric Dollard

Teslas Radiant Energy PDF file

Dynaflux Concept and Lenzs Law of Electronics by Jim Murray

Dynaflux Full Combo by Jim Murray

Power of the Aether by Eric Dollard

Lords Pump Project (pumping water in the wilderness w. no Electricity) by Al Throckmorton

OverUnity Disclosure (getting out MORE energy than you are putting in) Graham Gunderson

ECE Unified Theory of Physics by Doug Lindstrom

Recording Very Low Frequency Sounds in Nature by Steven McGreevy

History, Theory and Practice Notebooks 4 and 5

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