What of the Muslims?

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In brief, the Muslims are being framed by the Zionists for all the terror going on in the world. This is classic Zionist "Divide and Conquer" strategy. I.E. get the Christians to hate the Muslims and vice versa, and hopefully they will both wipe each other out, but it's OK if the Christians wipe out the Muslims and only a few Christians are left standing at the end. Then we (Zionists) can turn our blame-thrower (media) against the Christians and all the secular people will turn anti religion and wipe out all those Christians who NOW will be causing all the terror. If you dont think the Zionists can do this, consider the Oklahoma City Bombing which was blamed on Right Wing Christian Extremists (Timothy McVeigh's militia group), and after which Fundamentalists Christians were put on the terror watch list.

Muslim bashing only plays right into the hands of the Zionists.

Yes the Muslim religion is a false religion, and Yes its' extremists are willing to kill Christians to get their reward in heaven, (but, have you looked into what the Zionist Talmud teaches about Jesus and Christianity). Yes, their Shari law isn't for us, and their "honor killings" should be prosecuted by our Christian law to the fullest extent. Yes they (the Muslims) have a bad history (the crusades) with we Christians (but you need to ask why the Lord let them invade Europe in the first place, maybe Christian Europe and the Catholic Church needed cleaned up) and Yes it (the Muslim religion, like all false religions, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.) will have to be eliminated by the Lord some day (if 1 Cor 15:24,25 is to take place, but probably through peaceful conversion over the centuries to Christianity), but they are not the main enemy of Christianity today.

They (the Muslims) are much more the victims than the antagonist in all the worlds evil, that is being done today. The Zionists are FAR, FAR more evil and powerful. The Muslims dont control our media, our economy, our movie and entertainment industry, and our government, like the Zionists do. The Muslims didn't incite and cause for their profit and control: WW1 (17 million dead, 20 million wounded), WW2 (50-80 million dead or about 3% of the worlds population at that time), and are not now trying to provoke WW3 (just listen to the USA zionist news media RE Russia and Iran, as the USA does regime change for Israel in the Middle East i.e. Libya, Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, etc.), like the Zionists have.

The Muslims aren't doing all the terror in the world right now, the CIA and the Zionists are:


Sure you see plenty of terror on TV with a supposedly Muslim man shouting Allah Akbar after supposedly killing some Christians or Jews, but these are either fake killings or real killings done by Zionist assets posing as Muslims, or by Muslims under mind control or blackmailed into thinking that the Mossad or CIA will take care of their families from now on, if they just do this one killing for the Mossad/CIA.

To be Continued.