What is the enemy capable of?

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Rev. Ted Pike did a ton of research and produced 3 videos and some books that were very instrumental in holding off "hate crime laws" from passing in the US Congress. He almost singlehandedly fought this battle, in Washington DC. As a result, he was severly punished by (in my opinion) Zionist Scientists either in our own CIA or the Mossad.

The tell tale sign that this was of human origin and not demonic activity as Ted believes it was, is the loud clicking noise which preceeded the "demonic activity" (go to 12:40 in the video for this statement). This is the switching on and off of electronic fields. Here is his story. Alynn can be seen in videos on youtube with Ted Pike in his movies: UnHoly Alliance, and The Other Israel, and Hate Laws, making criminals of Christians.

The Murder of Ted Pikes beautiful wife, Alynn.