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The USA owes MUCH to Vladimir Putin

1) Because Putin is kicking ass in Syria, ISIS is on the run over there. Now if we can just get US forces beefed up over there to undo everything Putin has gained, then the Zionists can have their much vaunted "regime change", and drive out ALL the Christians from Syria. No, of course, the Christian Country USA wont take any significant number of them in. Even though ISIS is "made in the USA" (just ask any Christian from Syria, or even a Muslim, if U dare).

2) Because Putin is trying (and succeeding) to break free from the Rothschild orbit of economies under Zionist Control. Putin started BRICS nations. Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. An organization to compete with the Rothschilds IMF and BIS (Bank of International Settlements). This is Putins WORST and most UNFORGIVEABLE SIN in the eyes of the international bankers. Russia must have regime change (and of course US sanctions) because of this. A good rule of thumb is whoever the USA is sanctioning, (like South Africa, 1986-1990) they are the good guys. See http://americanfreepress.net/70000-whites-murdered-in-modern-south-africa-obamas-african-legacy/

3) Even though US sanctions have literally "bounced off" Russia, the fact that the International Bankers who also control OPEC have decided to try to "break" Russia financially by undercutting Russia on Oil and Natural Gas Prices has brought a tremendous "cheap gas" benefit to the American Consumer. We have Putin to thank for our low gas prices. If and when Russia ever gets "broken" you can bet those prices will shoot back up with a vengeance, to try to make up for the losses.

4) Even though Russia had NOTHING to do with DIRECTLY getting Trump elected, i.e. no hacking, no bribing, nothing what soever. I believe Russia did indirectly aid Trump. The Zionists know that Russia and Putin need humbled. But how to bring them back under Zionist control? If worst comes to worst, have the USA pick a fight with Russia, when we are stronger than Russia. Problem is, under O'bummer, the Zionists have purposfully been WEAKENING America and her military. Now they have to reverse course and let Hillary get defeated and Trump get in, so for a short time, conservatism can strengthen the USA, and then they can stage their false flag operation against Russia to start WW3. So, if America is temporarily going pro life, pro business, pro school choice, etc. It is all because of Putin.

5) gotta love Putins style. http://www.businessinsider.com/vladimir-putin-daily-routine-2017-6/#newsweek-reports-that-putin-likes-to-stick-close-to-home-he-hates-commuting-to-moscow-even-though-it-only-takes-about-25-minutes-and-seems-to-prefer-his-novo-ogaryovo-complex-on-the-black-sea-to-the-kremlin-20
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