Some pretty good News Sources

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The best sources I have discovered to date
(which is highly incomplete, as I have not even begun to research this, since I have been focusing on Scripture and not politics, but if you know of any better news sources, please email me).
Brother Nathaniel, though you will think he looks weird, with his black Orthodox robe and long beard, he gives good penetrating analysis of national events. I differ with him on the identity of the AntiChrist. He seems to think it will be a single person, possibly within the next 100 years. For my take on it, go back to my index page and see the heading about AntiChrist.
Provides a daily commentary on the New York Times Articles (i.e. National News)
Though they have swallowed the lie of evolution, and frequently knock the authenticity and accuracy of the Scriptures. And like to quote Bible verses the prove Zionist hatred for we Gentiles e.g. Deut 20:16 (which they have no clue how to correctly interpret, so they end up knocking the entire Old Testament). They still do a good job of doccumenting the activities, goals, strategy, etc of the enemy)
His categories are: Culture, Diversity, Immigration, Jewish Supremacism, Evolution, Politics, Zio-Watch, Radio. I dont yet know what his stand is on the Bible and Christianity (Just haven't had time to research it)
I hesitate to recommend this site. Not a Christian world view, and Plenty of anti-Muslim stuff here, (which I dont endorse) as well as conspiracy theory stuff various topics, including alternate energy, alternative health, etc. But, if you are bored, and want to know what all the conspiracy theorists are up to, visit here. There are some gems of truth that you will get no-where else.
These guys are off on Scripture, but you can learn some stuff here. e.g.