Shouldn't we be supporting Israel, i.e. doesn't God want the Jews living in Palestine today?

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The answer, in brief is: No, Absolutely Not, and even "HELL NO" (That is because HELL is what we are reaping by supporting such AntiChrists)

There is the logical case, and then the Scriptural case. I'll start with the weakest case, the logical. Lets differentiate between "the Jews" and "the Zionists" and "the International Bankers".

I get into the different types of so called Jews in my link Is the New Testament or even Jesus Anti-Semitic?

So, after reading the above link, you know that:

"Reformed or Liberal or Nominal Jews" means your local Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, materialistic, almost athiest, better than average at his profession, only darkens the door of a synagogue a couple times a year, barmitzvah's his sons, bat's his daughters, nominal Jew. They are relatively harmless to a political body. They might mildly support the terrorist state of Israel, and aspire to becomming as wealthy as the International Bankers, by whatever means it takes to get there, but they get along with their Christian or Muslim neighbors just fine, since they are their potential customers, and childrens play companions.

These are not serious followers of the evil Talmud, in fact they are closer to being Athiest than anything else, or they might have a vague Diestic concept of Yahweh (He wound up the clock of the universe when He created it through evolution of course per their secular thinking, and then it is hands off, man is left to his own devices. They usually mildly support Israel, and Zionism, but care more about the USA than Israel. They would rather that our economy prosper than Israels. They would prefer that Israel not drag the USA into WW3 over Iran.

The Conservative Jew takes his religion a bit more seriously, and goes to synagogue every sabbath, gets taught out of the Talmud weekly, believes that the goy (gentiles) are inferior to Jews, believes that Hell, by the way, if it exists is a Gentile problem, Jews, being the special covenant people of God through Abraham, have their own seperate "deal" with the Almighty.

The Conservative Jew, is like a good catholic. Going weekly, Religion is an important part of his life, but when push comes to shove, religion will have to take a back seat to "practicality", (which means getting to the upper middle class or "rich" status, in the case of the Jews) by bending a few rules, if necessary. They usually support Israel, and Zionism. The majority of these will be Israel Firsters, and Americans second.

The Orthodox Jew is very zealous for his faith. Following the Talmud to the letter, placing it above all else in this life. They usually support Israel, and Zionism. The majority of these will be Israel Firsters, and Americans second. But a few of them dont support Israel. see

Lastly, there is the International Jew. They run the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, Our Media, and Capitol Hill through AIPAC. They use: Blackmail (you have to be willing to go on tape doing a homosexual act or crossdressing, so the Zionists "have" something on you), Media smear campaigns, media blessing campaigns, opening the doors to industry, government grants, favor with the courts, all are tools of pressure brought to bear upon any politician, would-be actor, would-be rock star.

For good books that make the logical case, go to:

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin (a rich and famous Jewish violinist) available off
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler (ignore all the racial stuff, but all else is good, even bordering on genius) available in audio and print, eBay or Amazon.
The New Babylon, Those who reign supreme by Michael Collins Piper (paperback from but try for it used off Amazon or eBay first)
The New Jerusalem, Zionist Power in America by Michael Collins Piper (paperback from but try for it used off Amazon or eBay first)
The Track of the Jew through the Ages, by Alfred Rosenberg
The Jews and their Lies by Martin Luther.

The following videos are good places to start.

Should we Bless Israel by Brother Nathaniel Watch the video off YouTube "all wars are banker wars", but you can skip the last 20%
The Other Israel by Ted Pike, (have to find it partial and low resolution for free on YouTube or order it used and cheap off eBay, or new off or to donate to this work, order it from the source from
UnHoly Alliance by Ted Pike, (have to find it partial and low resolution for free on YouTube or order it used and cheap off eBay, or new off or to donate to this work, order it from the source from
Hate Laws, Making Criminals of Christians by Ted Pike , (have to find it partial and low resolution for free on YouTube or order it used and cheap off eBay, or new off or to donate to this work, order it from the source from David Icke on Rothschild Zionism differing from Judaism.
To hear how the Zionists got back at Ted for exposing them, see my link "What is the enemy capable of" off the home page.
Anything by Brother Nathaniel (youtube).

Now for the Scriptural case.

First of all, the Jews are nothing special, in Gods eyes today. See:
Have the Jews-Israel-Zion been superseded or replaced by the Church

Secondly, the Zionists dont follow the Torah (first five books of the Bible), they follow the Talmud, and the Mishnah, and Zohar, all traditions and interpretations of Scripture, by various Rabbi's down through the ages. All in the same school of thought, Messiah has not yet come, or the Jewish people are Gods messiah, but that Jesus Christ was a deceiver, and was rightly put to death, that the goy (gentiles) are subhuman and as such can be our pedofile subjects, sex slaves, human cattle to be farmed for interest on the dollar, beasts of labor to be taken advantage of, and used as they wish.

Even in Jesus day, they were starting to deviate in a major way from the intent of Scripture.

ye do vainly set aside the commandments of God for the traditions of men if ye had believed Moses, you would have believed Me. The war of words was heating up towards the end of Jesus ministry, as He called them whitewashed tombs full of dead mens bones; a "synagogue of Satan"; "of your father the devil"; "sons of the murderers of the prophets who will "fill up" the measure of their wrath; for it cannot be that a prophet should die outside of Jerusalem.

Thirdly: God diaspora'd them for a reason. As part of His 70 AD judgment on the Jews. He kicked them out of the land of Palestine, for a reason. To show His wrath and judgment on the Jews to the world, and to stay faithful to His Deuteronomic promises of blessings and cursings. And to clear the ground for the church. Clear out an enemy, so the church could start out growing unmolested in the kingdom age. She has "trainers", now (cults, and corrupt thieves and swindlers who are phonys who call themselves "Jews"), and those who waste and spoil her due to her sin and negligence in guarding the garden. God doesn't want any part of a special people occupying a special land and modeling that as "priests to the nations" anymore, with a central sanctuary or special building that supposedly contains God (holy of holies). The whole world is His special land, now. People from every tribe and nation make up his special people now, who worship Him in spirit and truth. He is unwilling to go back to the old model. And what special people would you put on that limited piece of land, anyway? Descendants of Abraham? What a joke! See "Fourthly" below.

Fourthly: James B Jordan says: When God called Abraham and made him a priest to the gentile nations, He commanded him to use the sign of circumcision to mark out the Hebrews from the other nations. Abraham’s household at this time included at least 318 fighting men (Gen 14:14), as well as their wives and children, and possibly many more servants. All of these men were circumcised. We see these servants mentioned in the book of Genesis several times (Gen 26:19ff; 32:16), and when Jacob (under Joseph) went down to sojourn in Egypt, so many people went with him that they had to be given the whole land of Goshen to dwell in. Genesis 46 provides a list of only about 70 actual blood descendants of Abraham who went into Egypt. Thus, from the very beginning, the Israelites were defined by covenant, not by blood and race.

The same was true for each of the tribes within Israel. A Levite was not necessarily a blood descendant of Levi, but more likely was a descendant of one of the patriarchs’ servants who was part of Levi’s company. Only a small percentage of Levites would actually have been descendants of Levi.

These several thousand people became over two million by the time of the exodus 215 years later. Only a small percentage of the people who came out of Egypt had any racial connection with Abraham. Moreover, added to the company of Israel at this time was a vast mixed multitude, many of whom became circumcised members of the nation, and therefore members of individual tribes as well.

There was another admixture of converts in the time of David and Solomon. Think of Uriah the Hittite, for example. Then again, the book of Esther tells us that during and after the Exile, many more gentiles became Jews (Esth.8:17).

What this means is that Abraham’s blood is not the defining mark of a Hebrew/Israelite/Jew. They were a nation formed by covenant, not a race formed by blood. True, Jesus Himself was a true blood descendant of Abraham, and His genealogy is important for theological reasons, but not necessarily all Jews could trace their genealogy biologically to Abraham. As a result of marriage between families, the literal genealogy of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel would gradually have spread throughout the entire Jewish population, but with the continual admixture of non-Abrahamic converts into the population, there was always a considerable number of people who had none of Abraham’s blood in them at all.

So, with the passing away of the Old Covenant, there is no longer any such thing as a Jew in the Biblical sense, unless by “True Jews” we mean Christians. There is no covenant, and therefore there is no nation, no “race”. ... Modern Jews do not worship the God of the Old Testament. They are either secular humanists, or else Talmudists, and the Talmud has no more relation to the Old Testament than does the Quran (Moslems holy book) or the Book of Mormon.

Lastly, consider the change in the covenants: James B Jorday says in Transformations

Let us return to history for another slant on this matter. When God called Israel out of Egypt, most of the people refused to follow Him and died in the wilderness. The old Hebrew people ceased to exist and were transformed into Israel, their new name. (I have discussed this succession of names in my book, Through new Eyes.) The Israel that entered the promised land was a new people made up of a mixture of Hebrews and converted gentiles, the mixed multitude. Their leaders were Joshua, a converted Hebrew, and Caleb, a converted gentile Kennizzite (Gen 15:19, Josh. 14:6). By “conversion” I mean that they entered the Mosaic Covenant. According to Numbers 13:6, Caleb’s family had not only been adopted into the tribe of Judah, but had risen to prominence in it.

This event is directly analogous to the New Testament situation. The wilderness wanderings lasted 40 years, as did the span between AD 30 and 70. The Jews were called by Jesus and the apostles, and many converted (that is, they entered the New Covenant). Some reverted to Judaism, turning into apostate Judaizers, and like the apostates in Moses’ day, they “died in the wilderness” by AD 70. Meanwhile, many “mixed multitude” gentiles joined the kingdom. By AD 70, it was time to enter the promised land, and the old Jewish people ceased to exist, being transformed into Christians, their new name.

The same kind of event happened at the Exile. A study of the book of Ezekiel will show that God called His people out of Judea into the wilderness of exile, where He tabernacled with them. The people were given a choice: either move forward with God or perish by looking backward to the old ways. During the time of the exile, as we have seen, many gentiles converted into the nation. By the time the Exile was over, and the people returned to the Promised Land, the old Israel ceased to exist, being transformed into Jews, their new name.

Let us return to the Mosaic transition and examine the phenomenon of “falling away.” At Mount Sinai, all the people accepted the new Mosaic Covenant. Before too long, however, a large group of people were objecting to one of the most distinctive features of the Mosaic Covenant. During patriarchal times, any man might offer sacrifice at an altar to God, but the worship of the Tabernacle was “closer” to God and therefore holier and more dangerous. It is dangerous for a sinner to get too close to the Consuming Fire, and so the only people allowed to approach the new Mosaic altar were the priests, who were specially ordained and anointed for this purpose. God forbade all sacrifice except that conducted at the Tabernacle, which meant that the Hebrew people were no longer permitted to build and sacrifice at altars. As it became clear that the people had “lost” this “right”, those who did not perceive that the Mosaic Covenant was in fact more glorious than the Abrahamic Covenant had been, rebelled. Their argument was that “all the people are holy and all are priests (Ex 19:6) and that Moses and Aaron were exalting themselves over the congregation (Numbers 16-17). They were drawing the wrong inferences from Exodus 19:6 because they were clinging to the older covenant.

This group of rebels is closely paralleled by the Judaizers of the New Testament era. The Judaizers were people who became Christians, and then realized that the leaders of the Christian community were changing the rules on them. Just as Korah, Dathan, and Abiram did not want to give up the old Hebrew ways in order to become Israelites, so the Judaizers did not want to give up the old Jewish ways in order to become Christians. Just as Korah and Company accused Moses and Aaron of inventing their own religion, so the Judaizers accused Paul. Just as many of the Israelites in Moses’ day wanted to return to Egypt, so the Judaizers wanted to return to Judaism. This is the “falling away” to which the New Testament refers a number of times.

Korah and his followers were killed, and the rebels of Moses’ day died during the 40 years in the wilderness. Their beliefs, however, continued to find expression in Israel. From the time of the Conquest under Joshua to the Exile under Nebuchadnezzar, there were many people who insisted on worshipping “God” on high places. They insisted that they, and not those who served the Tabernacle/Temple, were the true Hebrews. They insisted that they were the true sons of Abraham, and that the promised land belonged to them. They worshipped God, they claimed, in the same way Abraham and the patriarchs did; at altars they made themselves with sacrifices they offered themselves. They claimed that they were preserving the old ways, but the prophets said they were idolaters who had become corrupted with paganism.

How true was the claim of the “high placers”? It was not true at all. The true sons of Abraham were those who accepted the Mosaic Covenant. The true owners of the promised land were those who moved into the new covenant at Mount Sinai, and who set aside patriarchal worship for something better. At the Exile, God removed the “high placers” permanently from His land, and gave it to those who would be loyal to the Temple worship.

The same is true in the New Covenant. The Judaizers and those Jews who would not accept Jesus were killed at the end of the 40-year “wilderness” period from AD 30-70. Their beliefs, however, continued to find expression among the Jews who survived. The Ebionites carried on the heresies of the Judaizers, and the Talmudic Jews carried on the heresies of the Pharisees. They insist that they, and not the Christians, are the true Jews. They insist that they are the true sons of Abraham, and that the promised land belongs to them. They worship God, they claim, in the same way the Jews of Jesus’ day did: through Passover and synagogue. They claim that they preserve the old ways, but the New Testament and the Christian religion say that they are idolaters who have become corrupted with paganism.

How true is the claim of post-New Covenant Judaism? It is not true at all. The true sons of Abraham, and of the Biblical Jews, are those who accept the New Covenant. The true owners of the promised land are those who moved into the new Covenant with Jesus, and who set aside Passover and synagogue for something better. At the Holocaust (AD 70), God removed the “Jews” from His land, and gave legal title to it to those who would be loyal to Him. Notice that Modern Jews occupy the land of Palestine only because the Christian West supplies them with money, arms, technology, and legal treaties. The Promised Land belongs to the sons of Abraham (Christians) and the only reason Modern Jews are there today is because Christians let them be.

The upshot of our survey of Israel’s history is this: The Hebrews ceased to exist when they were transformed into Israelites. The Israelites ceased to exist when they were transformed into Jews. And the Jews ceased to exist when they were transformed into Christians. The continuing existence of people calling themselves Jews and claiming to represent the old order does not change these facts. “Jew” is an English contraction of “Judahite,” which was the name given to God’s priestly nation after the Exile. Calling yourself a Jew does not make you one, and in the Biblical sense of the term Jew, there were no longer any Jews after AD 70, unless by “True Jews” we mean Christians.