Bonhoeffer aka (Bone-Head) the Idiot

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From Pacifist to Would-Be Murderer, From summa-cum-laude Doctor of Theology at Berlin University in 1927, to Theological Zionist Liberal, but just because he helped smuggle a few Jews out of Germany, and stood up to Hitler, naturally he is the DARLING of virtually all USA churches

Bonhoeffer was born into a large family in Breslau, Germany, in 1906 to upper middle class parents. His family was not religious, but had a strong musical and artistic heritage.

The below is taken from:

Still too young to be ordained, at the age of 24 Bonhoeffer went to the United States in 1930 for postgraduate study and a teaching fellowship at New York City's Union Theological Seminary. Although Bonhoeffer found the American seminary not up to his exacting German standards ("There is no theology here."),David Ford, The Modern Theologians, p 45

He had life-changing experiences and friendships. He studied under Reinhold Niebuhr and met Frank Fisher, a black fellow seminarian who introduced him to Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, where Bonhoeffer taught Sunday school and formed a lifelong love for African-American spirituals, a collection of which he took back to Germany. He heard Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., preach the Gospel of Social Justice and became sensitive to not only social injustices experienced by minorities but also the ineptitude of the church to bring about integration. "Bonhoeffer Timeline". PBS.

Bonhoeffer is an idiot to think that it is one of the churches' goals to bring about integration. The church is to be color blind and blind to race (counter to both Hitler and the Jews). On judgment day, God will judge us on our merits (actions), not on our race or color. If whites want to live, work, shop, do business, go to school and play among whites more than any other race, they should be able to do so. Likewise with blacks, and all the other races. FORCED integration is as much a sin as not loving my neighbor based on his race or color. Discrimination is a word that has been co-opted by the Zionist Press. Everyone that has a favorite color, or a preference for chocolate, is discriminating. It is not wrong to discriminate in ANY area. But we are still commanded to 'love thy neighbor' and even to "love our enemies".

The patient Nazis gave Bonhoeffer multiple warnings.

Two days after Hitler’s election as chancellor in Jan 1933, Bonhoeffer made a radio broadcast criticizing Hitler, and in particular the danger of an idolatrous cult of the Fuhrer. His radio broadcast was cut off mid air.

In April 1933, Bonhoeffer raised his opposition to the persecution of Jews, and argued that the Church had a responsibility to act against this kind of policy.

When the Jews or anyone else did what they did to Germany in WW1 (stabbed them in the back, causing them to lose the war, when they had already won it), and what they did to Russia in the Russian Revolution, and then to Wiemar Germany (1920s, continuing to rape Germany and ruin the economy after they [the Jews] gained control of the media, the entertainment industry, and Government, turning Berlin in the 20's into the porn capital of the world, over-running Germany with communists, which only Hitler delivered them from) it is the churches' duty to do just the opposite of what Bonhoeffer advocated. The church must protect its' citizens. Bonhoeffer is a Christian idiot whom Hitler rightly opposed and eliminated. Pacifism at this time would have delivered Germany to the Jewish run Communists.

Aug. 5, 1936 - Bonhoeffer is forbidden to lecture at the University of Berlin after being denounced as a pacifist and enemy of state.

1937 - Finkenwalde Seminary (where Bonhoeffer taught) is closed by the Gestapo; so what does Bonhoeffer do? Over the next two years, Bonhoeffer traveled throughout Eastern Germany, conducting seminaries in private to sympathetic students.

Jun. 2, 1939 - Bonhoeffer Leaves for New York City aka "Jew" York City, where he is safe (among like-minded friends) and should have stayed.

Jul. 27, 1939 - Bonhoeffer returns to Germany and joins the political resistance. (He came back saying:

“I have come to the conclusion that I made a mistake in coming to America. … Christians in Germany will have to face the terrible alternative of either willing the defeat of their nation in order that Christian civilization may survive or willing the victory of their nation and thereby destroying civilization. I know which of these alternatives I must choose but I cannot make that choice from security.”

Here Bone-Head shows his Zionist Indoctrination. They always like to claim, in all their battles that it is the very "end of civilization" that is at stake. WW1 was sold to the American people by the Zionist controlled media as "the war to end all wars" the "war to make the world safe for democracy". Abraham Lincolns "Greenback" which threatened to let the USA break away from Zionist Rothschild control and print their own money, was commented on by the Rothschild controlled London Times:

"If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe." -- The London Times responding to Lincoln's Greenback notes

So you see, the Zionist press will always justify its wars by saying if we lose, it will mean the end of civilization ...

Fact is, since they (International Jew Bankers) financed Communism and staffed the Russian Revolution with primarily Jews, and now were threatening to over-run Germany with communists, they were the great civilization destroyers. Hitler was preserving Europe for Christianity. But Bone-Head in Jew York City, of course had his facts just bass-ackwards, and so, he just HAD to come back to Germany to save civilization.

Mar. 27, 1941 - The patient Nazis Forbid Bonhoeffer to print or publish, still they have no intention of killing him, at this point.

Apr. 5, 1943 - At age 37 Bonhoeffer is arrested and taken to Tegel Prison, Berlin; Dohnanyi and Dietrich's sister, Christine, also arrested. Misguided Christians preaching anti-war messages are deemed a threat to German survival, which in 1943 was very much in question. Better to pen them up than let them continue to spread dissent. Especially the hard core ones like Bonhoeffer, who refused to change, even after several warnings.

Feb. 7, 1945 - Moved to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Apr. 1945 - Discovery of Admiral Canaris' diary; Hitler orders annihilation of the Canaris group which includes Bonhoeffer

Apr. 9, 1945 - Bonhoeffer (age 39) hanged at Flossenburg;

The third Bonhoeffer child, Klaus, was involved in the 20 July plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, along with Dietrich; he, too, was executed by the Nazis. Wikipedia

Both of Bonhoeffer's older sisters, Ursula Bonhoeffer Schleicher and Christel Bonhoeffer von Dohnanyi, married men who were eventually executed by the Nazis. Christel was imprisoned by the Nazis but survived. Wikipedia

Now for Bone-heads' theological errors.

Bonhoeffer completed his Staatsexamen, the equivalent of both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree, at the Protestant Faculty of Theology of the University. He went on to complete his Doctor of Theology degree (Dr. theol.) from [Berlin University] in 1927, graduating 'summa cum laude'. Studies in America

Still too young to be ordained, at the age of 24 Bonhoeffer went to the United States in 1930 for postgraduate study and a teaching fellowship at New York City's Union Theological Seminary. Although Bonhoeffer found the American seminary not up to his exacting German standards ("There is no theology here."),[David Ford, The Modern Theologians, p 45] he had life-changing experiences and friendships. He studied under Reinhold Niebuhr and met Frank Fisher, a black fellow seminarian who introduced him to Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, where Bonhoeffer taught Sunday school and formed a lifelong love for African-American spirituals, a collection of which he took back to Germany. He heard Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., preach the Gospel of Social Justice and became sensitive to not only social injustices experienced by minorities but also the ineptitude of the church to bring about integration. Wikipedia

The following was found on the website:

Bonhoeffer shared Barth’s view that Scripture is completely true, but only in a religious sense, not as a report of empirical reality.

Note: empirical means verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic, i.e. input from the 5 senses, but this is a deceptive use of the word empirical. Everyone uses LEGAL evidence to prove the historicity of a document, not empirical evidence. But where the Bible speaks to science e.g. "consider the Ant ... Proverbs 6" ... or in The book of Job, "canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pliades" (constellation), or the fact there was a planet wide flood at one time, these are all scientifically proveable, and thus empirically provable. Furthermore, just as when Jesus said "My sheep hear my Voice, and I know them and they follow Me", so it is with Scripture. The Born Again Christian "senses" that the Bible is the Word of God, and hungers for it. Before he is born again, he couldnt care less about the Bible, in fact he shuns it (rules he might have to follow).

Bonhoeffer often criticized the doctrine of verbal inspiration. He accepted the validity of Biblical criticism, but maintained that even those passages that are not historically accurate are nonetheless the Word of God. According to Bonhoeffer, even though historical criticism has proven that Jesus did not speak some words ascribed to Him in the Bible, this makes no difference in interpreting Scripture. We must still rely on and preach the whole Bible and keep moving, like one crossing a river on an ice pack that is breaking up. Bonhoeffer, “Christologie,” in Gesammelte Schriften, 3:204–5.

In a 1925 essay, Bonhoeffer wrote that even if biblical critics proved that the person of Jesus is unhistorical in the empirical sense, this would not affect the content of God’s revelation, since His truth is revealed even through fallible words spoken or written by human instruments, such as the apostles. “By all means we must ascertain the fallibility of the [Scripture] texts and thereby recognize the miracle, that we always hear the Word of God from this human word.” Bonhoeffer stated that it really did not matter if particular miracles actually occurred as reported in the Bible. What is important is that we not dismiss them as irrelevant, but rather interpret them as testimony to God’s revelation. Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Werke, vol. 9 (Munich: Christian Kaiser Verlag, 1986), 318–20.

When he was an assistant pastor in Barcelona in 1928, Bonhoeffer told his congregation unequivocally that the Bible is filled with material that is historically unreliable. Even the life of Jesus is “overgrown with legends” and myth so that we have scant knowledge about the historical Jesus. Bonhoeffer concluded that “Vita Jesu scribe non potest” (the life of Jesus cannot be written). Bonhoeffer, “Jesus Christus und vom Wesen des Christentums,” in Gesammelte Schriften, 5:137–38.

Bonhoeffer’s doubts about the historical accuracy of Scripture are evident in Letters and Papers from Prison, too. For example, in a letter to Bethge, he expressed doubt about the historicity of Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, which, he surmised, the disciples surely could not have known, but nevertheless reported. He wondered how this could be. Bonhoeffer to Bethge, January 23, 1944, in Letters and Papers from Prison, 193.

It is simple, Bone-Head. Just like Moses wasn’t there in Genesis 1 to see “In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth” but God revealed it to Moses anyway, and told him to write it down [as well as the rest of the first 5 books of the Bible] so did God tell the Apostles to write down Jesus prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane even though all the disciples were asleep at the time Jesus prayed that prayer. Ah, but Bone-head doesn’t believe in the verbal inspiration of the Bible, does he.

While working on The Cost of Discipleship, he wrote to a friend, explaining that truth is not timeless and universal, as many people assume it to be. Thus, when reading the Bible, “we may no longer seek after universal, eternal truths.” Bonhoeffer to Rüdiger Schleicher, April 8, 1936, in Gesammelte Schriften, 3:28.


Aside from his faulty view of Scripture, Bonhoeffer’s doctrine of salvation was also problematic. As a Lutheran he embraced baptismal regeneration. Despite the heavy emphasis on calling people to radical discipleship, Bonhoeffer never showed any interest whatsoever in “converting sinners.” He did not believe that the salvation of souls was a central theme of Scripture, declaring in a 1935 sermon, “We must finally break away from the idea that the gospel deals with the salvation of an individual’s soul.” Bonhoeffer, Gesammelte Schriften, 4:202.

In Letters and Papers from Prison he reinforced this, stating that he did not think Sheol, Hades, or Christian redemption were metaphysical realities that exist somewhere in the past or will exist in the future. Rather, they are pictures of that which exists in the here and now. Bonhoeffer to Bethge, June 27, 1944, in Letters and Papers from Prison, 336–37.

During his time in prison, Bonhoeffer complained that the New Testament was too overgrown with “redemption myths.” He preferred the Old Testament, since it seems less concerned with an afterlife, focusing instead on redemption coming in this present world. He stated, “In contrast to the other oriental religions, the faith of the Old Testament is not a religion of redemption. But Christianity has always been regarded as a religion of redemption. But isn’t this a cardinal error, which separates Christ from the Old Testament and interprets him according to the redemption myths?” Bonhoeffer to Bethge, June 27, 1944, in Letters and Papers from Prison, 336

Bonhoeffer thus wanted to replace the New Testament emphasis on individual salvation with a this-worldly view of life.

Bonhoffer believed in Universal Salvation (i.e. everybody goes to heaven, no hell).

In his book "Ethics" Bonhoeffer stated:

In the body of Jesus Christ God is united with humanity, all of humanity is accepted by God, and the world is reconciled with God. In the body of Jesus Christ God took upon himself the sin of the whole world and bore it. There is no part of the world, be it never so forlorn and never so godless, which is not accepted by God and reconciled with God in Jesus Christ. Whoever looks on the body of Jesus Christ in faith can no longer speak of the world as if it were lost, as if it were separated from Christ. Bonhoeffer, Ethik, 53

This is about as clear a statement supporting Universalism as one could imagine, and it is reinforced elsewhere in Bonhoeffer’s writings. by: Richard Weikart is professor of history at California State University Stanislaus, and author of From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany, as well as a book and essays on Bonhoeffer.

The following discussion is taken from:

HOMILETICS: We typically view Bonhoeffer not as a pacifist, don't we, but as a person who aggressively attempted to stop the wheel (Hitlers Germany) from crushing the oppressed—are you saying he became a pacifist?

HAUERWAS: There's no question that he was a pacifist. He had been strongly influenced at Union Theological Seminary by a Calvinist, Jean Lasserre, who wrote The Cross and the Sword, who was a Huguenot originally, and he had decided that Christian nonviolence was necessary to be a Christian. So he was not a "just war" person.

That Bonhoeffer was a pacifist is undeniable. Just google "Bonhoeffer pacifist" and see the hundreds of references, that everyone agrees on this fact. What I want to point out to my fellow Christians is how much an idiot this man was. He went from one extreme to the other, from being a staunch pacifist to volunteering to murder Hitler. What is the world to think of our seminary trained Biblical scholars if they interpret the Bible one way, now and the opposite way, years later. Is it the Bibles' fault or the mans'.

HAUERWAS: Bonhoeffer remained deeply committed to nonviolence. People think that his commitment was decisively changed because of his involvement with the Abwehr (Nazi Intelligence Corps) plot against Hitler. Certainly, Bonhoeffer toward the end, thought that Hitler should be assassinated. This was a very complicated matter because when he first joined the plot against Hitler they didn't want to kill Hitler. They were afraid if they killed Hitler it would make Hitler a martyr and make German reconstruction even more difficult than it was going to be anyway.

But once the British had turned down any possibility that if they had overthrown Hitler there might be something less than unconditional surrender, once the British had rejected that and they wanted complete capitulation and they wouldn't stand for a German government to be established, then Bonhoeffer and his colleagues thought that they had to kill Hitler.

To decide that Hitler had to be killed even AFTER the Brits rejected conditional surrender, is pure stupidity. Hitler and German victory was the German peoples' ONLY hope. To trust their women and children to the "tender mercies" of the allies is to see every German girl raped, (or suiciding beforehand to escape rape, as MANY did) and to see hundreds of thousands of children incinerated in the Allied carpet bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, etc. For more, go to: or

HAUERWAS: We simply do not know how Bonhoeffer thought about that decision (to kill Hitler). I have no doubt, however, that Bonhoeffer thought clearly that what they were going to have to do was sin. It was sin—

It would not have been a sin (Ehud v King Eglon in Judges 3), had Hitler been the evil monster that Zionist News makes him out to be. But since Hitler was the good guy, here, (and the Jews, the bad guys here, who corrupted Weimar Germany, and first declared war on Germany (see the British newspaper the Daily Express using the headline: "Judea Declares War on Germany" on March 24, 1933) long BEFORE Hitler took even one Jewish life) it WOULD have been sin for Bone-head to murder Hitler. But he is so confused by Zionist propaganda about Hitler and so wrong on Scripture (Replacement Theology teaches us that the Jews have been replaced by the Christians, as the chosen people of God), and so ignorant about what a deadly foe the Jews have been to Germany over the last 30 years, i.e. ONLY Hitler saved them from Communist domination, that Bone-Head doesn't know right from wrong at this point.

By the way, this First Agression to start WW2 of the Jews, i.e. the Jewish Boycott on German goods was a big deal back then. See

HOMILETICS: And sin boldly [laughter].

HAUERWAS: And sin boldly.

This is a pun on Luther's policy of sinning boldly.

HOMILETICS: And suppose he (Bonhoeffer) had succeeded and that he indeed had pulled the trigger, how would that have affected our evaluation of him now?

The Zionist controlled world media would have made an even bigger hero out of him than they make, now for ignorant and gullible Christians. I say "ignorant" because they don't know of the Bibles' "just war" policy.

Ignorant because they don't know that WW2 was all about The Allies wanting to stop German goods from competing against them in the world market place (see Winston Churchill here:

Once again, (after WW1) Germany's industrial output became a threat to Great Britain. "Should Germany merchandise (do business) again in the next 50 years we have led this war (WW1) in vain." - Winston Churchill in The Times (1919)

"We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not." - Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

"Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it." - Winston Churchill (November 1936 speaking to US - General Robert E. Wood)

"This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany." - Winston Churchill (- Autumn 1939 broadcast)

Germany's state-issued value based currency was also a direct threat to the wealth and power of the private central banks, and as early as 1933 they started to organize a global boycott against Germany to strangle this upstart ruler who thought he could break free of private central bankers!

As had been the case in World War One, Great Britain and other nations threatened by Germany's economic power looked for an excuse to go to war.

"The war wasn't only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without firing one shot, but we didn't want to."- Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

"Germany's unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn't profit anymore. ...We butchered the wrong pig. " -Winston Churchill (The Second World War - Bern, 1960) wrong, meant they should have butchered Russia instead of Germany, because it was now the 60's and the cold war was on All Wars are Banker Wars

So, back to Bone-Head. The allied and Zionist goal from the beginning of the war was to crush the German economy, to teach them a lesson once and for all, and make them an example for the rest of the world that might be thinking of rebelling against the Rothschilds. Just like in Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. today. The USA CLAIMS all it wants is regime change,but those economies MUST be ruined for a time to break the will of the people who also wanted to break away from Rothschild rule. That is why Syria today is a smoking ruins. Iraq is a smoking ruins. Syria and Iran are in play. Russia is the new Germany of WW2. Putin is the new Adolph Hitler (that is a compliment, by the way). So, you see, it mattered not whether Hitler lived or died, he was just like Saddam Hussein. It is the people that must be punished, the economy crushed for a decade or so, etc. Bone-Head and most gullible Christians are ignorant of all this.

Likewise do they swallow the myth of the holocaust and Hitlers "death camps". Hitler deported Jews and organized them into work camps. Of course the Jews like to claim "death camps", but if Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews, he would have just had his Gestapo gun them down where they lived, or disappear them and kill them in their own home towns. No need to give em a train ride, and feed them for months in work camps. Naturally the Jew-news fed Christians have everything bass-ackwards. They think the Jews in Germany were the innocents, that Bonhoeffer was a saint, and that Hitler was a demon. For an excellent 3 minute song on the Holocaust see: and

HAUERWAS: That's really an interesting question. Bethge reports that one time Bonhoeffer volunteered to pull the trigger, and they said, “You wouldn't know which end of the gun to point!” [laughter]. So they said, “You're not the man.”

Bonhoeffer was a bookish, bespectacled, cigarette smoking (liberal) intellectual. He probably didn't know how to load, aim and fire a gun. To trust him to "off" Hitler would be to have a failed plot that Hitler could investigate and get back on all the co-conspirators with a vengeance.

To Bonhoeffers credit, his "confessing church" refused to call Hitler Head of the church, in Germany, reserving that slot for Christ alone.